All of the heat of our Thai Chili Sriracha (without the sweet!).  The Thai Chili heat comes on quickly with a fun toasty finish.

Tested in marinades, sauces, and as a rub. Include a pinch into just about any darned thing you can think of. We especially love it as a buttermilk marinade for chicken thighs. Surprise us and let us know what you tried!

Dry Rub for Ribs

8.5 lbs   |   pork loin back ribs

2 tsp      |  Toasted Sriracha Powder by HouseMade

1 tsp      |  smoked paprika

1 Tbsp   |  coffee rub (I have a favorite from

2 Tbsp   |  dried marjoram

Mix dry ingredients together to make the rub.

For best results, dry rub one day beforehand.  Before baking, lightly season ribs with kosher salt and the rub.

Cover ribs in a casserole dish — tightly covered with foil.  Bake at 275° for 5 hours.

Sriracha Powder Marinade

This recipe is great for chicken!

chicken thighs  |  10.5 lbs

dried marjoram  |    2 Tbsp

cumin  |    1 Tbsp

smoked paprika  |    1 Tbsp

Smoked Sriracha Powder by HouseMade  |       1 tsp

Bragg’s Amino Acid  |     ⅛ cup

buttermilk  |      1 cup

olive oil  |     ¼ cup

Debone the chicken thighs (optionally keeping the bones for stock!) and throw away the skins.

Toss the chicken with the marjoram, cumin, paprika and sriracha powder. Put into a plastic zip lock bag and add the remaining ingredients. Mix well and let sit for 3 days.

Drain, toss with olive oil and kosher salt. Grill em up! They are really good served with beer cheese!

Spicy Tuna Salad

5 oz        |  canned tuna (in water), drained

1 ct.        |  medium carrot, sliced thin into rounds

1 ct.        |  scallion, sliced thin

6 ct.        |  kalamata olives, chopped rough

2 Tbsp   |  greek yogurt

½ Tbsp  |  olive oil mayo

2 Tbsp   |  Italian parsley, roughly chopped

⅛ tsp     |  Toasted Sriracha Powder by HouseMade

Mix ingredients well.  Optionally, add feta and a squeeze of fresh lime!

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